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A two hours session on the Church of South India (C.S.I.) was held at DB Hall, Don Bosco Theological Centre, Kavarapettai, on 13 November 2019. Rev. V. Devasahayam, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Madras, Church of South India, addressed the second year students of DBTC.

Bishop Emeritus Rev. V. Devasahayam began by highlighting the historical background of the two schisms in the Church. He then focused on the formation of the Church of South India, in which he brought to light the formative factors, the assumptions, the concerns in union negotiations, the structure of C.S.I. and the pilgrimage towards wider union. He also presented a personal evaluation of the present state of the Church of South India union.

After his logical and clear presentation, the students raised a few questions to understand better the liturgy of the C.S.I. and the relationship between the CSI and other churches, especially the Catholic Church. The Bishop responded to all the questions and enlightened the students by his reply. Finally, Fr. Cassius Correya SDB, the Professor of Ecumenical Council and Ecumenism thanked the Bishop for his inspiring talk and genuine sharing. Through this session the students had the opportunity to know about the inception of the Church of South India, its structure, liturgy, ministries and relationship with other churches.

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