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Brotherhood of Kaniyan Poonguntranar in Today’s Context [Tamil Sangam]

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The Second Tamil Sangam of the academic year 2021-2022 was held on 04th February 2022 at 2. 25 p.m. Brotherhood of Kaniyan Poonguntranar in Today’s Context (இன்றைய சூழலில் கணியன் பூங்குன்றனாரின் சகோதரத்துவம்) was the theme for this meaningful session.

The Chief Guest was Dr. Hilda Christy, Tamil Teacher in Girls Higher Secondary School at Korrukupettai, Chennai. She is also the recipient of different honorary awards.

The session began with a prayer service that was conducted by Bro. Amalraj, followed by Tamil Thai Vazhthu. Bro. Selvaraj welcomed the gathering and the chief guest was felicitated by Fr. Don Bosco Augustine sdb, the Principal and Fr. Felix Suresh sdb. Tamil Sangam was read by Bro. Maria Fernandas, The President of Tamil Sangam 2021 – 2022. Bro. Aldon Jibos gave a presentation on Brotherhood in today’s context in connection with Fratelli Tutti. Chief Guest was introduced to the gathering by Bro. Leo Benhur. The chief guest gave a special speech on Brotherhood highlighting the poems written by Tamil poet Kaniyan Poonguntranar in Purananooru (Tamil Poem). The whole speech of the chief guest was lively and meaningful.

After the chief guest’s speech there was a floor discussion by the staff and the students for the better understanding and functioning of brotherhood in the community and the society. At the end of the session, Bro. Piriyan thanked the whole gathering and persons behind this beautiful session. Tamil Sangam ended at 4. 00 p.m. with the National anthem.

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