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Reflect and Renew: Involvement of Youngsters in Society

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The Don Bosco Theological Centre was flooded with youngsters from the rural parishes on 22.01.2018. They had come to the campus to reflect and renew in order to involve themselves in the society in an active manner. The campus was vibrant and bubbling with energy for a day with 211 youngsters from 14 parishes in and around Kaverapettai. The day began seeking the grace of God through the Eucharistic celebration, which followed by an enlightening talk by Mr. Alur Shah Nawaaz the active politician of Viduthalai Chiruthai party. His inspirational talk was like a spark among the youngsters to be a responsible and respectable public who is interested in the welfare of the society. He also insisted that we should be aware of the present political and social state of our state and country as a whole. The floor was open after the guest talk for further discussion on the topic. The day ended with a lighter note through a cultural programme. The day has taken this shape after much effort of the first years, who had committed themselves for make this programme a success.

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