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Updated: Jul 19, 2023

On July 11, 2023, at 2:25 p.m., Pope John XXIIII Group convened the first theological reflection on "Digital Theology: Learning theology through technology." It aimed at exploring how the digital world can be used in teaching, learning, and communicating theology and faith. The event witnessed speeches by esteemed speakers, Bro. Abin, Bro. Isaiyas, and Fr. Rajkumar, who shared their insights and experiences in the realm of digital media and its impact on theological learning.

The seminar commenced with a prayer service and then as the first theological reflection of this year, the previous president and the secretary were honoured for their tireless efforts in organizing and leading the theological reflection in the past year. The present president and secretary were also congratulated for their fruitful ministry.

After that Bro. Abin commenced his thought-provoking presentation on the concept of Digital Theology. He emphasized the significance of adapting to the digital age while maintaining theological values and principles. His talk shed light on how technology can be effectively employed to further the understanding and practice of faith.

Following this, Bro. Isaiyas addressed the audience on the subject of Teaching, Learning, and Communicating Theology in the digital world. He highlighted the exciting opportunities digital platforms offer for expanding theological knowledge and building strong faith communities.

The keynote speaker, Fr. Rajkumar, then took the stage to deliver his speech on utilizing digital media for theological learning. His talk focused on practical approaches to leverage digital tools and platforms to enhance theological education and enable wider access to religious teachings. Fr. Rajkumar's insights offered valuable guidance on incorporating digital literacy in theological curricula.

The theological reflection also featured an engaging question and answer session, during which the participants had the opportunity to interact with the speakers. This session allowed for a deeper exploration of the topics discussed and helped clarify any doubts or concerns raised by the attendees. The session proved to be beneficial in facilitating meaningful discussion and exchange of ideas. Overall, the event paved the way for further exploration and implementation of digital tools and techniques in the domain of theology. The theological reflection ended at 4.10 pm.

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