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The Voice of the Farmers in India: A Catholic Response [Theological Reflection]

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The Staff and Students of Don Bosco Theological Center, Kavarapettai organized the First Session of the Theological Reflection for this Academic Year on 16th November 2021 at 02.25pm.

The Theological Reflection had as its theme, “The Voice of the Farmers in India: A Catholic Response.”

Rev. Fr. Antony Pancras, Editor and Publisher of the New Leader & Director, New Leader Books was the resource person for the occasion.

The theological reflection began with a short prayer service, praying in particular for the farmers who are protesting for their rights. After the welcome address, there was a short video presentation highlighting the history and background of the farmers’ protest and amendments made in the Farmers Bill 2020. Then Br Jerome Henry, second year student of theology gave a talk on the plight of the farmers in India. He presented the notion of agriculture and farming from the Biblical perspective and invited the participants to be sensitive to the cry of the poor farmers.

After this, Rev. Fr. Antony Pancras, the guest speaker addressed the gathering. He began by presenting the alarming statistics of the suicide of the farmers in India. He then made a detailed presentation of the changes made in the Famers Bill and highlighted how they affect and deprive the farmers of their rights and privileges. He brought to the notice of the participants how these new laws favour the corporates and the inability of the state authorities to direct and govern the commercial activity of the farmers.

At the end of this, we had a floor discussion in which the participants had time to share their insights, reflections and comments on the issue. The queries of the participants were clarified and together we discussed about the various ways and means by which we can proactively respond to the situation of the farmers as Catholics and more so as religious called to fight for the poor and marginalized.

The theological reflection ended with a Hymn to Don Bosco by 04.00 pm.

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